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Personalized Approach

Whether indoor or out, maintenance jobs begin with cleaning. We begin by power blowing your roofs surface to rid of any leaves, twigs, dirt and other small particles. If we find moss or fungus we remove it with extreme care by using hand-held wire brushes. In cases of excessive moss we use our soft-wash process to clean your roof.

Shake/Shingle Replacement

No matter what, some cedar shakes or shingles damage over time. At Midwest Cedar Roof Maintenance, in contrast to covering up shakes or shingles with only a fresh finish, we repair or replace them on an as needed basis. When the situation necessitates replacement, we utilize the same grade and quality shakes or shingles that we remove.

Shake/Shingle Refastening

Roof inspection follows the cleaning. We look for loosened shakes or shingles which we refasten. In the case of "popped" nails, we re-nail.

Valley Priming

We watch out for roof valleys which easily  cause rust and rust damage. To avoid this destruction, we treat each valley, except copper ones with preventative primer.

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Flashing and Skylight Caulking

We make sure your roof remains watertight. We inspect all flashing and skylight seals. As needed, we re-caulk

Yard and Home Protection

We honor you and your property with protective measures. Unfailingly, the roof work imposes on other parts of your home. We liberally and attentively use hoses and/or tarps prior to any spraying to shield sidewalks, patios, decks and landscaping.

Cedar Preservation

Once the preparatory tasks are finished, we turn to the preservation and protection of your cedar. We choose one of the top of the line cedar shake and shingle preservatives, Sta-Brite*R. Several characteristics stand out:

  • Breathable

  • Water-replellent

  • Water-based

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Added ultraviolet protection

For the most advantageous coverage, we power spray two wet-on-wet coats of Sta-Brite*R onto the surface. We pay particular care to the shake or shingle edges, the parts of the roof that decay most easily.

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